Abseil Stations, Rappeling Stations

Abseil stations consist of at least two stainless steel anchor points securely attached to the ground, which are connected by a chain, screw link, or steel cable depending on the design, thereby achieving redundancy. The anchor points are available in at least the M10 and M12 dimensions and are secured to the ground using expansion anchors or adhesive hooks, achieving a strength of 25 to 35 kN.

The standard components used are screw links according to EN 362 (connectors), adhesive or expansion anchors according to EN 959 (mountaineering equipment/bolts), and EN 795 single-point anchors Type A. These abseiling or redirect stations are used in sport climbing, canyoning, and cave exploration. Due to their redundant design, there is the possibility of self-securing at the redirect station to set up a top-rope redirect or to secure a following or leading climber.

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