Natural sisal rope, sisal cord (twisted)

In this category you can order twisted cords and ropes made of the best, very light and untreated Madagascar yarns. Sisal is a pure natural fibre and is extracted from the leaves of agave plant (especially from agave sisalana). When harvesting, after the leaves are cut, the fibres are being knocked out and then combed out. The yarn-spun fibres are traditionally used for ropes and cords production. Such ropes are highly appreciated for their high abrasion resistance, naturalness, authenticity and environmental friendliness.

  • 100% raw natural fibres
  • Abrasion resistance: very good
  • Strength loss due to humidity: 0%
  • Breaking stretch: <8%
  • Subsequent impregnation with fire retardant is possible
  • Subsequent dyeing is possible (for example with textile dye)
  • Odorless
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Bright sisal yarns
  • Hard surface, shorn
  • Rots slowly outdoors
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Renewable material

Sisal ropes are used wherever environmental friendliness, abrasion resistance and a high material stress stand in the foreground. Sisal is an ideal choice for cat scratching trees, handicraft and hobby activities, covering of cat scratching posts, production of cat toys and accessories, horticulture, landscaping, model making, design, window dressing, photo shoot, maritime, sealing material, zoo equipment, terrariums, bird enclosure, pet enclosure, as a design element, ambience equipment for hotels, bars, houses etc.

DiameterBreaking loadConstructionLengths
ø5mm180 daN(kg)3-strandBy the meter, 220m
ø6mm250 daN(kg)3-strandBy the meter, 220m
ø8mm450 daN(kg)4-strandBy the meter, 220m
ø10mm620 daN(kg)4-strandBy the meter, 220m
ø12mm880 daN(kg)4-strandBy the meter, 220m
ø14mm1200 daN(kg)4-strandBy the meter, 220m
ø16mm1500 daN(kg)4-strandBy the meter, 220m
ø18mm1900 daN(kg)4-strandBy the meter, 220m
ø20mm2300 daN(kg)4-strandBy the meter, 220m
ø22mm2800 daN(kg)4-strandBy the meter, 220m
ø24mm3400 daN(kg)4-strandBy the meter, 220m
ø26mm3900 daN(kg)4-strandBy the meter, 220m
ø28mm4500 daN(kg)4-strandBy the meter, 220m
ø30mm5200 daN(kg)4-strandBy the meter, 220m
ø40mm9100 daN(kg)4-strandBy the meter, 220m

Your desired product is not listed in our online shop? We can offer you a customised solution. In this case, we have the required rope manufactured specifically according to your requirements. The prerequisite is the purchase of at least one machine set per desired variant of the product. The delivery time for these customised orders is usually approximately two to three weeks.

We happily take care of your need for manual assembly as well. We can cut the rope to the lengths you require and provide additional ropework. Decorative knots, individual splices and whippings, special packaging and labelling can also be ordered from us. These services can be provided even in large quantities.

Please feel free to send us your enquiry now! We take the time to listen to you and answer your questions. We see each individual request of our customers as a challenge which we seek to meet. Through established partnerships with selected rope manufacturers, our many years of experience, efficiency, and flexibility, we are able to deliver on that promise.

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