Technora Ropes (braided)

In this category you can order braided Technora® aramid ropes and cords made of high-quality non-flammable yarns. Ropes made of Technora® aramid offer high heat resistance, very high breaking load and extreme low stretching properties. Technora® aramid fibres do not melt at high temperatures, but begin to char from about 500°C. Technora® aramid ropes are also highly appreciated for their high cut resistance properties, good dimensionally stability, resistance to "creep" (time and temperature dependent plastic deformation under constant load), corrosion resistance, high chemical and seawater resistance.

  • Material: Aramid
  • Brand names: Twaron®, Kevlar®, Technora®
  • Yarn strength: 20-25cN/dtex
  • Specific weight: 1,44kg/dm³
  • Strength loss due to humidity: 0%
  • Water absorption: 2-5%
  • Knot tenacity: 30-40%
  • Light resistance: poor (Ropes made of aramid aren't suitable for continuous outdoor without protective covering due to poor light resistance, which causes significant loss of rope strength)
  • Breaking stretch: 2-4%
  • Abrasion resistance: adequate
  • Washing temperature: 80-90°C
  • Acids (50% concentr.): good resistance
  • Gasoline, diesel, oil: no reaction
  • Solvents: minimal reaction
  • Alkali (Leaches): good resistance
  • Insulating properties: excellent
  • Highest temperature (short load): approx. 400°C
  • Range exposure: -
  • Melting point: no melting and dripping, charred at approx. 500° C

Thanks to its properties braided Technora® aramid ropes have a very wide range of application areas. Especially as perfect wire rope replacement or in the areas with very high environmental temperatures. These ropes are also often used in: Mechanical engineering, control ropes, tensioning cables, anchorage, special industrial applications, offshore constructions, flight sports, paragliders, fire department, stage construction, theatrical rigging line, modelling, reinforcement material for cables, cut protection, endless string, pyrotechnics, fire artist, fire jumping rope, fire poi, reinforcement for optical fiber cables or rubber materials, sports equipment, racing, heat protection.

DiameterBreaking loadConstructionColorLengths
with polyester cover
400 daN(kg)Rope cover: 16x braided polyester
Rope core: parallel Technora® yarns
Blue with 2 tracer threads yellow/yellowBy the meter, 500m
mwith polyester cover
750 daN(kg)Rope cover: 16x braided polyester
Rope core: parallel Technora® yarns
Red with 2 tracer threads black/yellowBy the meter, 200m
with polyester cover
900 daN(kg)Rope cover: 16x braided polyester
Rope core: parallel Technora® yarns
Yellow with 2 tracer threads black/yellowBy the meter, 200m

Your desired product is not listed in our online shop? We can offer you a customised solution. In this case, we have the required rope manufactured specifically according to your requirements. The prerequisite is the purchase of at least one machine set per desired variant of the product. The delivery time for these customised orders is usually approximately two to three weeks.

We happily take care of your need for manual assembly as well. We can cut the rope to the lengths you require and provide additional ropework. Decorative knots, individual splices and whippings, special packaging and labelling can also be ordered from us. These services can be provided even in large quantities.

Please feel free to send us your enquiry now! We take the time to listen to you and answer your questions. We see each individual request of our customers as a challenge which we seek to meet. Through established partnerships with selected rope manufacturers, our many years of experience, efficiency, and flexibility, we are able to deliver on that promise.

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