Technora Ropes (braided)

In this category you can buy braided Technora-ropes. Technora® is an aramid made by Teijin Aramid. This material offers excellent properties for producing ropes and cords for demanding applications.

Technora ropes are extremely robust: They have high breaking loads and a very low elongation. In addition, the material is heat-resistant up to approx. 400 ° C. Technora fibers do not melt at high temperatures, but start to char at around 500 ° C. In addition, Technora ropes are very resistant to cuts, many chemicals and especially salt water.

Technora ropes remain dimensionally stable even under permanent tensile load: there is almost no creeping. Creeping is an unwanted, irreversible elongation of the rope due to permanent static loads. The round cross-section of the rope is also retained when the rope is under tension. With these two properties, Technora-ropes and cords are ideally suited for areas with continuous tensile loads or constant static loads.

  • Material: Aramid
  • Brand names: Twaron®, Kevlar®, Technora®
  • Specific weight: 1,44kg/dm³
  • Floatabe: Not floatable
  • Yarn strength: 20-25cN/dtex
  • Strength loss due to humidity: 0%
  • Water absorption: 2-5%
  • Knot tenacity: 30-40%
  • Light resistance: poor - without a protective sheath, ropes made of aramid are unsuitable for continuous outdoor use because of their poor light resistance and the loss of strength resulting from UV radiation
  • Breaking stretch: 2-4%
  • Abrasion resistance: adequate
  • Washing temperature: 80-90°C
  • Resistance to alkalis (lyes): partly good resistance
  • Resistance to acids: partly good resistance
  • Resistance to gasoline, diesel, lubricating oil: resistant, without influence
  • Solvent: resistant, little influence
  • Electrical properties: excellent electrical insulation properties
  • Temperature limit (short-term exposure): approx. 400 ° C
  • Softening temperature: not applicable
  • Melting temperature: no melting and dripping, start to char at approx. 500 ° C

Aramid is an artificial word for "aromatic polyamides". This is a group of particularly heat-resistant and high-strength plastics. The first aramids were brought to market maturity in the 1970s. Since then they have been able to establish themselves in more and more applications. today there are essentially two major producers of aramids: the chemical companies DuPont de Nemours and Teijin Aramid.

Within the aramids, three groups of importance for technical applications can be distinguished according to their chemical structure, which we have compiled in the following overview.

Overview of the different aramids

descriptionshort formbrand name at DuPontbrand name at Teijin

While Nomex® and Teijinconex® have proven themselves especially for the production of fire-resistant clothing, Kevlar®, Technora® and Twaron® are very well suited for the production of high-strength ropes. At Kanirope you will find ropes made from all three of the named products from the two major manufacturers.

Like all aramids, Technora® has a poor resistance to UV radiation. The effect of UV radiation results in a visible discoloration from the original light yellow shade to a bronze-brown shade of the Technora fibers. Altough the discoloration creates a kind of protective layer so that the fibers inside are protected, but nevertheless, the Technora rope can lose a lot of its strength from of permanent UV exposure. However, this can be counteracted, for example, by a rope cover made of a different material.

Technora ropes are sensitive to kinks. Therefore, a bend radius that is too small leads to a reduction of strength. For this reason, strong kinks and knots should be avoided with Technora ropes in order not to damage them or to reduce their breaking load.

Technora fibers have a low water absorption of approx. 2 - 5%. This means that the fibers absorb a small amount of water in a damp or wet environment. However, this does not reduce the strength of the fibers. Even a damp Technora® rope will hold up!

The properties of the braided Technora ropes allow a wide range of applications. Technora® ropes are often used as a substitute for wire ropes and in areas with very high ambient temperatures.

In the following you will find examples for other uses: mechanical engineering, control ropes with continuous tensile loads, guy ropes, anchorings, regulating lines, hoist ropes, special industrial applications, offshore systems, flight sports, paragliding, fire brigades, scene construction, stage construction, theater pull lines, maneuvering lines, modelling, reinforcement material for cables, as cut protection, drive cord, cable pull-through aid, pyrotechnics, fire artists, reinforcement for fiber optic cables or rubber materials, sports equipment, racing, heat protection, etc.

Kanirope® TECBRAID

The Technora rope TECBRAID has a continuous protective cover made of polyester. This protects the rope core made of high-quality Technora fibers from abrasion and especially from UV light, which is harmful to all aramid fibers. The color of the cover is different for each variant, so that the different diameters can be seen directly.

The Technora fibers in the core are arranged in parallel. This construction enables extremely high tensile strength in relation to the diameter and minimal structural stretching under load. These properties make TECBRAID a very interesting product for all areas where the rope is under permanent tensile load and only minimal rope elongation is permitted.

Tabular overview of Technora ropes

DiameterItemBreaking loadConstructionAvailable lengthsColor
ø 3 mmTECBRAID400 daN (kg)Rope cover made of polyester 16x braided;
Technora® rope core in parallel arrangement
By the meter, 500mBlue with 2 tracer threads yellow / yellow
ø 4 mmTECBRAID750 daN (kg)Rope cover made of polyester 16x braided;
Technora® rope core in parallel arrangement
By the meter, 200mRed with 2 tracer threads black / yellow
ø 5 mmTECBRAID900 daN (kg)Rope cover made of polyester 16x braided;
Technora® rope core in parallel arrangement
By the meter, 200mYellow with 2 tracer threads black / yellow

More aramid ropes or aramid cords from our range

Aramid brandAramid ropeSpecialtyAvailable diameters
Kevlar®PARABRAIDJacket made of polyester to protect the sensitive Kevlar core against UV radiation.3 - 12 mm
Twaron®ARABRAIDBraided cord made of 100% aramid (Twaron®).
Also available as a very thin, extremely tear-resistant cord.
0,4 - 6 mm

Your desired product is not listed in our online shop? We can offer you a customised solution. In this case, we have the required rope manufactured specifically according to your requirements. The prerequisite is the purchase of at least one machine set per desired variant of the product. The delivery time for these customised orders is usually approximately two to three weeks.

We happily take care of your need for manual assembly as well. We can cut the rope to the lengths you require and provide additional ropework. Decorative knots, individual splices and whippings, special packaging and labelling can also be ordered from us. These services can be provided even in large quantities.

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