Tree Ropes

In this category, you can purchase tree care ropes. At Kanirope, we understand tree care ropes to be ropes that users can use to safely climb trees (tree climbing ropes). In addition, we also include ropes in the category of tree care ropes that can be used to either hoist loads into the treetop or, conversely, lower loads from the crown towards the ground (load ropes).

Tree care ropes must meet special requirements to be able to withstand the regular strains caused by working in the tree. The distinction mentioned above between tree climbing ropes and load ropes is, of course, very important in terms of requirements.

With the tree climbing rope, the tree surgeon ascends into the tree. Rope clamps or ascenders or Prusik slings or friction knots are used as aids. To ensure a quick and energy-saving ascent with these aids, the tree climbing rope should have as little stretch as possible and no sheath slippage.

High abrasion resistance and high edge resistance should be considered to avoid having to discard the tree climbing rope prematurely. The sheath portion of tree climbing ropes should be high, as the sheath is the load-bearing element of the rope in this case.

Load ropes help to lift loads into the treetop and, in particular, serve to lower heavy loads from above. Arborists use the so-called rigging technique to dismantle a tree from the top down. The cut branches or trunk parts are gently lowered using load ropes and other equipment.

Load ropes also have a low working elongation. Furthermore, the load rope must be able to withstand the dynamic forces that occur. To maintain the high breaking load of the load rope, it is recommended to use ropes with spliced eyes. And for the rope to run well over lowering devices or pulleys, a load rope should ideally be abrasion-resistant and flexible.

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