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In this category, you can order winch ropes for use in industries, agriculture, forestry, or vehicles, especially off-road vehicles. Our winch ropes are made from high-strength synthetic fibers, extremely tear-resistant, and have low elasticity.

These modern high-performance synthetic fibers (HPME, UHMW-PE, Dyneema®, Spectra®, or LCP, Vectran®) have a breaking strength comparable to or even greater than that of steel cables for the same diameter. Therefore, using a synthetic fiber winch rope offers several advantages: plastic ropes are extremely flexible compared to steel cables, they weigh only a fraction of the weight, and they are much easier and safer to handle.

If the pulling force of the winch exceeds the breaking strength of the rope, there is a higher chance of the rope breaking. Therefore, the breaking strength of the winch rope should be chosen based on the pulling force of the winch. However, the pulling force of the winch and the breaking strength of the rope should not be directly equivalent. Instead, the following factors should be considered:

  • Splice
  • Safety factor

Winch ropes are usually spliced to fit the fastening device or hook. Splicing reduces the linear breaking strength of the rope by about 10 to 20%.

In addition, a safety factor should be taken into account. For horizontal pulling, a factor of 2 is commonly used.

Taking these two important factors into account, the minimum value of the nominal linear breaking strength should be 2.5 times the pulling force of the winch.

Here is an illustrative example: The pulling force of the winch is 5,400 kg. Multiply this value by 2.5. Therefore, a winch rope with a minimum nominal linear breaking strength of 13,500 kg (daN) should be used. Indeed, 80% of 13,500 kg is equivalent to 10,800 kg (reduction of breaking strength due to splicing). And the resulting 10,800 kg must be divided by two (safety factor). Thus, the minimum value is 5,400 kg.

To simplify, we always indicate the nominal linear breaking strength in our product range table, as well as in the "Effective Breaking Load / Maximum Winch Pulling Force" column, which indicates the breaking load of our ropes converted according to this formula for use on winch cables. The value in this column corresponds to the maximum pulling force of winches for which this winch rope can be used.

To avoid damaging the synthetic fiber winch rope through the fairlead, it may be necessary to replace it if it has a very rough surface, sharp edges, or if it is a roller fairlead.

If the HMPE winch rope passes over a rough surface, there is a risk that individual fibers may snag, weakening the rope. Sharp edges, especially under heavy load, can cut the rope. To prevent this, it is recommended to install a fairlead with a smooth and polished surface, available in specialized stores.

Roller fairleads should be avoided, as there is a risk of the fine plastic rope, especially when compressed under load, getting stuck in one of the spaces. This would damage or destroy the rope.

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You can choose from four types of synthetic fiber winch ropes:

  • Pre-made HMPE winch ropes with eye splice, thimble, and integrated hook
  • Pre-made Vectran winch ropes with integrated soft shackle as a fastening device - no heavy hook required
  • Custom-made Dyneema winch ropes according to your needs
  • Non-spliced Dyneema winch ropes - if you prefer to splice and customize the rope for your winch

Pre-made HMPE winch ropes

These are specially designed winch ropes made from high-strength polyethylene (HMPE). The ropes are already pre-made in lengths of 20m, 30m, or 40m and feature a load hook with a safety latch on one end, as well as a heat-resistant coating on the winch side for 3m and a flat terminal as the end piece. Two protective sleeves can be freely moved along the rope to protect it from abrasion at inevitable friction points. Other lengths and diameters are available upon request.

Pre-made Vectran winch ropes: LIROS Offroad XTR

These winch ropes are made from 100% Vectran®, a heat-resistant and high-strength synthetic fiber that is comparatively more heat-resistant than HMPE. They also eliminate the need for a heavy hook as a soft shackle for attaching the winch rope is already factory-spliced. This connection is easy to handle and very secure. The rope is equipped with a special XTR red signal coating for protection against abrasion and UV influences. However, Vectran® is sensitive to the UV component of sunlight and should only be used on concealed winches.

Custom-made Dyneema winch ropes

With our Dyneema PRO rope, we can custom-make winch ropes according to your needs and requirements, including diameter, length, and splices. Please use our rope configurators or contact us for custom options.

Non-spliced Dyneema winch ropes

Dyneema ropes are relatively easy to splice. If you have the necessary knowledge and tools, you can create a Dyneema winch rope tailored to your needs using a metered rope.

Table overview of available winch ropes

DiameterLinear Breaking Strength (Rope)Winch Pulling ForceWeightMaterialLengthsColors
6 mm5,000 daN (kg)1.3 tto be determinedHMPE20m, 30mgrey
6 mm4,300 daN (kg)1.3 t23 g/mDyneema®customizableblue, yellow, red, black, silver, white
8 mm6,800 daN (kg)4.3 tto be determinedHMPE30m, 40mgrey
8 mm5,300 daN (kg)2.1 t35 g/mDyneema®customizableblue, yellow, red, black, silver, white
9.4 mm11,200 daN (kg)4.3 t89 g/mVectran®27msignal red
10 mm9,000 daN (kg)3.6 t60 g/mDyneema®customizableblue, yellow, red, black, silver, white
11 mm13,500 daN (kg)5.4 t135 g/mVectran®20msignal red
12 mm11,900 daN (kg)4.7 t72 g/mDyneema®customizableblue, yellow, red, black, silver, white
14 mm14,400 daN (kg)5.8 t95 g/mDyneema®customizableblue, yellow, red, black, silver, white
16 mm19,000 daN (kg)7.6 t131 g/mDyneema®customizableblue, yellow, red, black, silver, white

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