Static rope STATIC ø13mm by Tendon

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Product No.: 10289-10292

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product description

Static rope STATIC ø13mm by Tendon - this excellent rope with low elongation and high static strength is intended primarily for work at height and for securing people above vertical drops. The thicker the diameter, the stronger the rope.

  • Rope diameter (mm): 13
  • Weight (g/m): 109
  • Number of UIAA falls: 20
  • Relative mass of sheath (%): 0
  • Sheat Slippage (mm): yes
  • Elongation (50 - 150 kg) (%): yes
  • Shrinkage (%): 1.8
  • Tenacity (kN): 42
  • Min. tenacity with knots (kN): 27
  • Used material: PA
  • Type: A
  • CE 1019: yes
  • EN 1891: yes

Note on how to order "by the metre"

If you order "by the metre" please type the total required length in the field "Quantity". For example: If you need 14 m of rope, please type "14" as the quantity and you will receive 14 metres rope in one piece. At your request we can cut the rope (up to 5 cuts per order are free). You can write your requirements with regard to cutting and length dimensions by typing in the field "Notes to my order". Please take into consideration that cuts can never be „mm-exact“ and there might be length difference of ±2% with the ordered length.