Barrier Rope HEMPTWIST Beige by Kanirope®

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Product No.:: 15981-82463

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  • Length: By the metre

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product description

Barrier Rope HEMPTWIST Beige by Kanirope® - a pure natural product for true nature lovers, made from 100% natural hemp yarns. The rope has a very grippy and pleasant surface. The structure and composition of the rope emphasize the environmental awareness and love to the nature of the location.

  • Colour: beige
  • Material: natural hemp
  • Construction: 4-strand twisted
  • Renewable raw material
  • Environmentally friendly

Note Hemp smell: Please note that hemp ropes have a natural odor that does not disappears that quickly. The smell is a mixture of hay and old flour sack and will disappear after a few months of use. A certain residual odor remains forever, which is often desirable when using hemp ropes in the design and equipment area. The "sour" notes will go out and the rather pleasant hay-like smell will stay. Alternatively, you can use Polyhemp rope. Polyhemp rope is visually and haptically indistinguishable from a natural hemp rope, but offers some advantages. Polyhemp rope is odorless, does not absorb any liquids, is washable with a damp cloth and therefore easier to clean.