Offroad soft shackle from Liros

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Product No.: 86612-86609

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product description

Offroad soft shackle from Liros - light and flexible, the LIROS offroad shackle presents itself with an enormous breaking load. With its abrasion-resistant protective hose specially developed for off-road applications, it promises maximum durability paired with enormous holding power. A must for every off-roader.

  • Material: 100% Dyneema
  • Abrasion-resistant protective sleeve made of polyester
  • Light as a feather and easy to handle
  • High breaking load
  • Shackle cannot open under load
  • Minimised risk of injury
  • Liros HSS (HeatStrechSystem)
  • Liros LCS (Coating System)

VarianteBreaking loadDiameterColour
7t7.000 daN(kg)10mmCarbon
12t12.000 daN(kg)12mmCarbon
20t20.000 daN(kg)14mmCarbon
35t35.000 daN(kg)16mmCarbon

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