PP Rope MULTIBRAID ø1mm Standard Colours Braided by Kanirope®

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PP Rope MULTIBRAID ø1mm Standard Colours Braided by Kanirope® - made of 100% multifilament polypropylene yarns in Germany. Ropes made of polypropylene are valued of their light weight, floatability, weather resistance, high breaking load and diverse applications possibilities. They have slightly glossy and dimensionally stable surface, are easy to knot, tie, intertwine and to process. Polypropylene has good chemical resistance to petrol, diesel, lubricates and weak alkalis.

  • Diameter: 1mm
  • Breaking load: 30daN(kg)
  • Material: PP, Polypropylene- Multifilament
  • Construction: braided
  • Colour: Black, Blue, Green, Red, White, Yellow
  • Length: by the Meter, 100m Reel, 500m Reel
  • Weight per 100m: 0,10kg

NOTE: The colours displayed on the screen may vary depending on the settings and type of screen and may slightly differ from the original colours.

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