Braided Polypropylene (PP) ropes, cords

Polypropylene Rope (braided)

In this category you may order braided ropes, cords and lines in different colours and modifications made of high-strength PP polypropylene multifilament yarns.

Braided PP ropes and cords are UV-light and weather resistant, easy weight, do not absorb water and are floatable. They have slightly glossy and dimensionally stable surface, are easy to knot, tie, intertwine and to process.

The properties of PP ropes enable these ropes to be applied in very diverse and demanding technical applications. In addition, they are also popular material for weaving, knotting and handicraft.


  • Water absorption: 0%, no swelling and no shrinking
  • Strength loss due to humidity: 0%
  • UV-light resistance: good
  • Abrasions resistance: acceptable
  • Knot strength: 55-65%
  • Breaking stretch: 12-20%
  • Acids: no influence
  • Petrol, diesel and lubricates: no influence
  • Solvents: low influence
  • Alkalis: resistant to weak alkalis
  • Electrical properties: excellent insulating ability
  • Washing temperature: 30°C
  • Range exposure: approx. 140°C
  • Melting point: approx.170°C

Areas of application

Ropes and cords made of polypropylene have multiple areas of application. Like paracord they are being used in production of dog leashes, bridles, bracelets, necklaces as well as in modelling, design, window dressings, ambience design. The properties of the rope also allow many other technical and demanding applications, that's why these ropes are being often used in the industry, construction and transportation, professional and sport sailing, in tree care, households and gardening, as well as for free time and outdoor activities

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