In this category, you will find a selection of pulleys that meet the safety requirements of the EN 12278 standard. This standard is essential when it comes to pulleys for mountaineering and climbing, as it defines the quality standards and testing procedures that ensure the equipment can be safely used in demanding environments.

Whether you are interested in a block and tackle pulley, a redirect pulley, or other types of pulleys, this category offers products that are certified according to the European standard (EN 12278). One crucial specification set by this standard is the minimum breaking strength.

Pulleys that meet the requirements of the standard must have a minimum breaking strength of 15 kN. However, it is recommended to choose a higher minimum breaking strength depending on the application and intended use to provide additional safety margins. FISAT (Association for Rope-supported Work Techniques) recommends a breaking strength of up to 22 kN.

Mountaineers and climbers who are looking for reliable and secure pulleys will find what they need in this category. The pulleys offered here not only meet safety standards but also provide the necessary robustness and performance for challenging climbing routes and mountain expeditions for your next adventure. Take advantage of the variety of high-quality pulleys to complete your mountaineering and climbing equipment while ensuring certified safety and quality.

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