Handrail Ropes, Stair Ropes

In this category you may buy handrail and stair ropes as well as necessary fittings. Nowadays handrail ropes in the house are a very special eye-catcher, they enhance the overall ambience and give an object an extraordinary maritime touch. Being installed in stairwells, the handrail ropes transform usual a bit “cold” and functional design of the stair’s atmosphere into a modern fashionable luxury interior object.

Handrail ropes should always be cut to side and installed on site. They cannot be delivered as a finished product. While determining the required length of the rope, we recommend that you to include enough buffer for waste and measurement errors. If necessary, you can shorten the rope yourself to the required length on site. To achieve the necessary stability, we highly recommend keeping ca. 80cm till 100cm distance between the fittings. To achieve a nice sagging of the ropes required are 10% of additional material between the individual rope brackets.

Your desired product isn’t listed in our online shop? We are able to produce the needed rope according to your requirements! This requires the minimum purchase of a machine-set per production variation and delivery time of approx. 2-3 weeks. We are also happy to take over the manual and machine confection of the desired length (also in high quantities). You may also order splicing, whipping, special packaging and labelling.

Send us your request now! We see the individual wishes of our customers as a challenge, which we are wishing to justify by many years of experience, partnerships with excellent rope manufactures and rope-producing companies, flexibility, performance and readiness to deliver. We are always ready to assist you and answer your questions.

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