Polyester rope, polyester cord (braided and twisted)

In this category, you will find braided and twisted ropes made of polyester in various colors and designs. Ropes made of polyester are relatively heavy and not buoyant, but offer very good abrasion resistance, very good weather resistance, high breaking loads, and low elongation values. Polyester ropes are very grippy, tie very well, do not stiffen over time, and are highly resistant to weathering and salt water.

  • Material: polyester (PES)
  • Density (specific weight): 1.38 kg / dm³
  • Buoyancy: no, not buoyant in water
  • Yarn strength: 7 - 8.4 cN / dtex
  • Strength decrease due to moisture: 0%
  • Water absorption: 0.5 - 2%
  • Knot strength: 55 - 60%
  • Light resistance: very good resistance to sunlight and UV radiation
  • Elongation at break: 10 - 16%
  • Abrasion resistance: very good
  • Washing temperature: 50 - 60 °C
  • Resistance to alkalis (lyes): resistant to alkalis at 20 °C; is dissolved by alkalis at 100 °C
  • Resistance to Acids (50% Conc): Partially Resistant; Residual value at 25 °C: 80%; Residual value at 100 °C: 0%
  • Resistance to petrol, diesel, lubricating oil: stable, without influence
  • Solvents: phenols, cresols and zinc chloride
  • Electrical properties: very good electrical insulation
  • Temperature limit (short-term load): approx. 170 °C
  • Softening temperature: approx. 225 °C
  • Melting temperature: approx. 260 °C

Polyester ropes and cords offer a wide range of applications, from demanding industrial uses to leisure and decorative purposes. Their versatility makes them the first choice for various tasks, such as hanging, lifting, lowering, pulling, or tensioning loads.

In industry and crafts, they are indispensable helpers, especially in construction and transportation, where their strength and durability are required. They have also proven themselves in tree care, thanks to their resistance to external influences.

Their aesthetic qualities are utilized in model building and design, as well as in window decoration, where they can be used not only practically but also decoratively.

In the maritime sector, both in professional shipping and water sports, polyester ropes are highly valued. They serve as sheets and halyards for steering sailboats, as anchor lines, moorings, fender lines, and jetty lines, where their robustness and durability are of the greatest benefit.

For everyday use in the home and garden, as well as for leisure, sports, and outdoor activities, polyester ropes prove to be versatile all-purpose ropes. Their high resistance to sunlight makes them ideal for tensioning sun sails and as pull cords for blinds and roller shades, where they provide lasting stability and reliability.

Your desired product is not listed in our online shop? We can offer you a customised solution. In this case, we have the required rope manufactured specifically according to your requirements. The prerequisite is the purchase of at least one machine set per desired variant of the product. The delivery time for these customised orders is usually approximately two to three weeks.

We happily take care of your need for manual assembly as well. We can cut the rope to the lengths you require and provide additional ropework. Decorative knots, individual splices and whippings, special packaging and labelling can also be ordered from us. These services can be provided even in large quantities.

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