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In this category you can find all current products from the french manufacturer Petzl, which produces equipment for vertical activities such as occupational safety and rescue at height work as well as for mountain sports and climbing. Thanks to our long-term cooperation with the Petzl company, we can advise and support you comprehensively. Our large inventory guarantees fast delivery times. If you need spare parts or accessories for current or older products, we are also the right contact for you!

Petzl Professional

In this category you can find products for height work, rope access technology, rope climbing technology and height rescue, for example: harness NEWTON, VOLT; AVAO, ASTRO, SEQUOIA; helmet VERTEX, STRATO; descender RIG, ID, MAESTRO, ZIGZAG; lanyard GRILLON, ZILLON, MICROFLIP; energy absorber ABSORBICA; mobile fall arrester ASAP; rope clamp ASCENSION, ASCENTREE, PANTIN, RESCUCENDER, BASIC; pulley SPIN, PARTNER, RESCUE, ROLLCLIP, PRO TRAXION, GEMINI, TWIN, TANDEM, JAG; semi static rope AXIS, PARALLEL, VECTOR, FLOW, CONTROL; carabiner, connectors, packs and accessories.

Petzl Sport

In this area you can find products for sport and ice climbing, mountaineering, multi-pitch routes, canyoning and via ferrata, for example: climbing harness CORAX, ALTITUDE, TOUR, ADJAMA, LUNA, SAMA, SELENA, SITTA, AQUILA, HIRUNDOS, FLY; climbing helmet SIROCCO, METEOR, BOREO, PICCHU; belay devices and descenders, belay device GRIGRI, REVERSO, VERSO, HUIT, STOP, SIMPLE, RACK, PIRANA; climbing rope VOLTA, ARIAL, CONTACT, MAMBO, PASO, RUMBA, TANGO; crampon IRVIS, VASAK, SARKEN; Rope clamp CROLL, TIBLOC; pulley MINI, GEMINI, FIXE; Lanyard for via ferrata; via ferrata set SCORPIO; lanyard CONNECT; carabiners and quickdraws ANGE, SPIRIT, DJINN; ice ax and ice tools QUARK, GULLY, SUMMIT, anchor devices, rope bags, gloves and accessories.

Petzl lighting

In this category you can find all current headlamps from Petzl and the corresponding accessories. The development of Petzl headlamps has been making steady progress for over 30 years. New technologies have made it possible to develop and manufacture more powerful, lighter headlamps that are tailored to the requirements of commercial users and outdoor sports enthusiasts.